Zoe Trent


Dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)



Voice Actor(s)

Nicole Oliver
Kylee Epp (singing)

Zoe Trent is one of the seven pets regularly left in the care of Littlest Pet Shop. She is a cute and very beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a two-toned coat of purple, a streak of fuchsia in her hair; she always wears a beret. Her owners are John and Clarissa, and she has a little sister by the name of Gail. According to Zoe, all dogs of her breed look the same to her, and once mistook a male Cavalier King Charles whom she never met before to be her sister.

Zoe pursued a career in modeling until losing a contest to her rival, Madam Pom. She still enjoys performing and has been known to uncontrollably sing and dance whenever her favorite song is played.

Zoe Trent

Zoe Trent