Minka Mark





Voice Actor(s)

Kira Tozer


Minka Mark

Despite being cute, childish and tomboyishly beautiful, Minka Mark is the most rambunctious and talkative of Littlest Pet Shop's tenants. Being a monkey, she can often be found climbing the walls and swinging from high objects. She is an abstract artist unconcerned with the possibility of fame and fortune and has a love for all things shiny.

During the episode Dumb Dumbwaiter, her claustrophobia or fear of enclosed areas becomes apparent as she begins literally bouncing off the walls and spouting nonsense when forced to spend an hour in the dumbwaiter with the other pets. She loves to Paint and be colorful!

She wanted to be the first Monkey to land on Mars. She has pink fur and hair tied in two pigtails and blue eyes. And she knows every language.