Littlest Pet Shop is a toy created by Kenner and continued by Hasbro. There are LPS Teensies, LPS Walkables, LPS Blythe, LPS Faries and regular LPS.

Eye Symbols

LPS Pets were given symbols in their eyes to represent a specific personality. The earliest known pet to be given this symbol was Fanciest Persian #460, as pets #457, #458, and #459 are unknown, but might have had eye symbols too. Of the known pets, there are 508 that were given these symbols.

All the symbols on the Littlest Pet Shop eyes were:

  • Cuddliest
  • Sportiest
  • Fanciest
  • Littlest
  • Funniest
  • Happiest
  • Messiest
  • Hungriest
  • Friendliest (these were very rare or exclusive, such as the Valentines Day pets)
  • Chilliest
  • Sassiest
  • Postcard Pet (the symbol varies throughout the series)

The last pet with the symbol on its eyes was Fanciest Hummingbird #968; this series started with a Fanciest pet, and ended with one.