Season 1

No. Episode Song Sung by
1 Blythe's Big Adventure Part One The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Zoe, Pepper, Vinnie, Minka, Sunil, Russell, Penny Ling
4 Gailbreak! Dance Like You Know You Can Zoe
5 Penny For Your Laughs BFF's Biskit Twins, Blythe
I'm Sorry Pepper
7 Russell Up Some Fun Be Yourself/Just Like You Blythe, Sue
Fun Being Fun Russell
8 Blythe's Crush Crush Zoe
9 Dumb Dumbwaiter If You're a Guy Vinnie, Sunil, Russell
10 Eve of Destruction It's a Dancing Day Vinnie
12 So You Skink You Can Dance Gotta Get To The Studio Vinnie
13 Lights, Camera, Mongoose! Superstar Life Shahrukh

Penny Ling, Minka, Pepper, Zoe (backup)

I Think You Need Zoe
15 Topped With Buttercream The Sweet Shop Buttercream, Russell, Vinnie, Penny Ling, Minka, Sunil

Zoe, Pepper (backup)

17 Helicopter Dad "Howdy Do" song Roger Baxter and Blythe
19 What Did You Say? Humanarian Zoe, Sunil, Penny Ling, Minka, Pepper
22 Lotsa Luck Miss Anna T, If You Please Robert Wilson

Andy Stein, Marty Robson (backup, studio singers)

23 Door-Jammed Wolf-i-fied Sunil, Vinnie

Russell, Zoe, Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling (backup)

24 Frenemies My New Tail Vinnie
25 Blythe's Pet Project Lost and Found Box Youngmee, Aunt Christie, Blythe
My Small Squirrel Laura Hastings
26 Summertime Blues Stay Here Forever The pets

Season 2